From On the Farm To Port Terminals

LV Control is the Canadian Leader in Agricultural material handling automation and has deployed systems in over 1000 facilities worldwide.

Over the course of the past four (4) decades, LV Control has assumed a leadership role in the electrification and automation of bulk material handling facilities across the Canadian Prairies, the United States, and overseas.

Our focus and expertise are primarily concentrated on meeting the needs of the agricultural industry, including automation of grain handling, feed processing, seed cleaning & fertilizer blending facilities.

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Our specially designed products have industry-leading quality and performance to meet your needs.

As true System Integrators, LV Control provides complete Electrical Distribution and Automation Packages for any greenfield or renovation project. In addition to supplying requirements for the initial project, LV has an extensive stock of replacement components in our warehouse:

  • Switchgear
  • Service Entrance & Panel Boards (Eaton & Schneider)
  • Motor Control Centres (Eaton, Schneider & Rockwell)
  • Control Panels - Our panel shop is certified for both Canada and the US. We manufacture all types of control panels
  • Control Consoles
  • Gate Starter Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Motor Starter Panels
  • Custom Control Panels
  • PDC100 Distributor Controller (Standalone or Integrated)
  • Strongco Distributor Control Retrofits
  • End Devices
  • Stationary Rail Tag RFID Systems

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LV Control is able to provide knowledgeable and creative solutions for a wide variety of applications

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  • Feed Batching Systems
  • Grain Elevator Control Systems
  • Port Terminal Control Systems
  • Fertilizer Blending and Storage Systems
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Stand-alone Bulkweigher Control
  • Stand-alone Digital Hazard Monitoring System using CMC Sensors
  • Stationary Railcar RFID Systems
  • Electronic Bin Board
  • Stand Alone Site Inventory Systems
  • Truck Kiosk Receiving Systems
  • Digital Hazard Monitoring System using CMC Sensors
  • Bulkweigher Control
  • Railcar RFID Systems
  • Accounting System Integration - SAP, Agrosoft, Tronia, etc.
  • LV Bin Board - Electronic Site Inventory System (replaces old whiteboards)
  • LV-Historian
  • Preventative Maintenance Module
  • AMP Weigh - Estimation of Product Transferred based on Leg Current


We provide unparalleled knowledge and service to be your long-term solutions partner.

Through a collaborative design process and leveraging decades of industry expertise, LV provides turnkey solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to supporting your systems for the life of the investment and beyond through upgrade and expansion opportunities.

We are partners, not just suppliers.

  • Software Development
  • Custom Training Programs
  • On-Site Commissioning
  • Computerized Drawings, Graphical Design and Professional Documentation
  • Ongoing Support
  • Electronic Design and Assembly
  • Logic Development
  • Micro-controller Development
  • Custom Graphic Printing

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Industry Expertise

Focus and expertise primarily concentrated on meeting the needs of the agricultural industry


Successful projects for clients
of all sizes around the world.

LV Control has a proven track record and the technical expertise to address automation requirements. LV Control is able to provide knowledgeable and creative solutions for a wide variety of applications and facilities ranging from relatively simple four (4) Bin satellite collection sites, all the way up to bulk storage and distribution for enterprise level clients.

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