We provide unparalleled knowledge and service to be your long-term solutions partner.

Through a collaborative design process and leveraging decades of industry expertise, LV provides turnkey solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to supporting your systems for the life of the investment and beyond through upgrade and expansion opportunities.

We are partners, not just suppliers.

Conceptual Design & Electrical Engineering

Our engineering group consists of individuals who are leaders in their fields of specialization. The depth and range of experience relating to electrical and process control design available within this group ensures that practical and reliable solutions are presented to all our customers. In addition, we offer in-house design services for the solutions which we provide, such as:

  • Service Loading Calculations
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Breaker Coordination & Arc Flash Studies
  • Power Factor Correction

HMI & PLC Solutions

We are able to provide PC-based automation and information solutions ranging from control of an entire grain elevator to blending and distribution of feed in hog processing operations, to database applications designed to meet the user's specific requirements.

Operator Training

LV Control is committed to Operator Training. The true value of the control system can't be realized if the Operators don't understand how to use it. That is why we invite the terminal's operation people to travel to Winnipeg for factory-based training.

Onsite Commissioning

LV Control will be on-site for the time of system start up. Our technician[s] will verify that proper field terminations have been completed and that the control is operating as intended. The remainder of the time on site will be spent with the Operators to ensure that they understand the system and that they are comfortable with performing the basic plant functions. A full report is submitted upon completion.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated group of individuals understand the importance of keeping our customers' facilities up and running and are willing to make it their top priority. For the first year of operation, the site has access to free daytime support during regular business hours. After-hours contracts providing access to a technician 24/7/365 are available.

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