Troy Armitage, P. Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

Troy has been contributing to the success of L.V. Control for more than 25 years. He has extensive experience in the development, planning and execution of material handling projects with a focus on the electrical distribution and automation requirements. Having led internal teams on several hundred domestic and overseas projects, he has the experience necessary to undertake electrical projects of any size and complexity. Well versed with Electrical Codes and Standards, Troy and his teams specialize in finding the best solution for the project and the client.

Don Hack, M.A.SC, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

As a proud member of L.V. Control for more than 25 years, Don provides oversight and direction to the internal application engineering groups and is an important voice on the company's Senior Management Team. Don has exceptional problem-solving skills and a strong educational background with a degree in Electronic Information Systems Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Control Systems. Well versed in a multitude of platforms and technologies, Don and his teams specialize in the integration of software and hardware to provide reliable and cost-effective automated control solutions.

Steven Buckmaster, CPA, CGA

Chief Financial Officer

With more than 15 years experience in his chosen field, Steven is a key member of L.V. Control's Senior Management Team and provides oversight and direction on all financial matters, human resources, and corporate strategy. With many years of experience in the Ag-Industry, he is well-equipped to drive operational metrics and address the enhanced reporting requirements associated with being a subsidiary of a public corporation

Brent Murray

Senior Executive Consultant

Brent is one of the key founders of L.V. Control and has played an instrumental role in leading the company to unprecedented levels of performance. With over 30 years of experience in the automation and control industry and a strong marketing background, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and a customer focused perspective that are distinctly reflected throughout L.V. Control's products and service offerings. His in-depth knowledge of the agriculture industry, coupled with a strong business acumen are playing key roles in customizing systems to precisely match the needs of the agricultural community. L.V. Control's team of professionals is inspired by Brent's strategic focus and his visionary and empowering leadership; the company's innovative outlook is a reflection of his vision.

Grant Floren

Senior Executive Consultant

Under the vigilant eye of Grant, L.V. Control's teams of engineers and technologists are developing prototypes and creating human machine interfaces that have become a distinctive feature of the company's automated control solutions. Grant's technological proficiency, practicality and problem-solving approach, together with a thorough knowledge of the agricultural industry, have played a pivotal role in the company's success since its inception, over 30 years ago. As one of the key founders of L.V. Control, Grant has combined his technological know-how with an innate desire to empower people to create a team-based environment that has become the company's main source of innovativeness, allowing the company to consistently exceed customers' expectations.

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