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By uniting the latest in process control technology with leading-edge hardware and a customer-focused approach, we are able to provide knowledge-based creative solutions for a wide variety of applications.

LV-GTI (Grain Terminal Interface)

The proven control solution for Inland and Port terminals, our Grain Terminal Interface [GTI] Package provides the medium through which an Operator controls their facility. The LV-GTI software has been developed from an Operator's perspective. Our strength lies in the fact that we know the equipment and understand what it must do to assist the Operator in running their facility as efficiently as possible on a day-to-day basis.

Receiving, Transfer and Shipping functions can all be controlled from the Operator Workstations. Our custom graphical interface provides Operators with a working "flow diagram" of their facility, complete with individual equipment status and bin level information. Safety interlocks and integrated digital hazard monitoring are included as standard with this package. Real-time monitoring of the major equipment allows the system to achieve its full potential by increasing plant efficiency and reducing shipping times. Available features include:

  • Integrated Bulk weigher Control
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Full Reporting Package
  • Sampler Integration
  • Discrete and/or Digital Hazard Monitoring Integration
  • Truck Scale Integration
  • Loadout Scale Integration
  • Grain Dryer Interfaces
  • Rail Car RFID Reader Systems c/w Railcar Inventory Software
  • Accounting System Interfaces (SAP/Agrosoft/Custom)
  • Man-less Receiving and Loadout Truck Kiosk Systems
  • Electronic Bin Board

LV-Feed (Feed Batching Software)

LV-Feed has been developed by industry leaders who appreciate the challenges associated with daily feed production and understand the importance of accurate record keeping.

The realistic and easy to understand graphics provide clear and concise equipment status and process information to the operator at all times. The Manual Backup panel ensures maximum reliability.

LV-Feed can be configured to work with many old and new mill system types (MFP, SFM, Laden, Sudenga, Disk Mills, AGI) and will support up to 40 mains and micros. A series of options are available including:

  • Hammer Mill VFD Option for Particle Sizing without having to change screens
  • Roller Mill Automatic Gap Control
  • Destination Output
  • Demand Batching
  • Phase Feeding
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Grain Handling Module
  • In-Barn Feed Distribution Module

LV-Fert (Fertilizer Blending)

A control solution for many different types of fertilizer systems. From vertical and drum blenders, to volumetric, declining weight and tower systems the software can handle any system configuration. Software features include:

Accounting Interface
Fully integrated with Agre (Tronia) including Blended and straight product loadout jobs.

Maintenance Module
Tracks and records the run-time of each piece of equipment. Allows the operator to set maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment and have an alert pop up on the screen when maintenance is due. Managers can generate a series of reports to determine what maintenance has been complete and what is outstanding.

Compartment Loading
Allows operator to specify the number of truck Compartments, the amount of product to place into each compartment, and accurately load the compartments with the desired weight.

Custom Loadout Ticket
Logos, Data layout will be customized for your site

Inventory Tracking
All transactions are logged by the system

Reporting Module
Over 20 Standard reports including Inventory Transactions, Product Usage, Alarm History, Receiving and Loadout Reports, Equipment Maintenance, Blend Ticket reprinting to name a few.

Remote Support
High-Speed Internet Access Required

Replacement Parts
All of the components in our control systems are stock at our office. Typically, they ship the same day and arrive next to reduce down time.

Data Export Capability
Export data to a CSV file to be used in other programs or for analyzing data.


The L.V. Rail RFID system will scan and track all rail car inventory on-site. Generate a full rail car list without needing to write a single car ID down. Features include:

  • Automatically generate rail car ID lists to be used for loading and unloading.
  • Retrieve car load limits and assign target weights for each car.
  • Use the L.V. Rail HMI drag-and-drop function to organize shunt lists.
  • Receive an automatic email when cars are dropped off.


Increased throughput requires increased efficiency. LV Truck coordinates traffic on-site and eliminates manual data entry. Streamline receiving and shipping with an automated kiosk system. Features include:

  • Self-serve kiosks for check-in, weighing, and printing.
  • Accounting interface eliminates manual data entry.
  • Kiosk function and location tailored to site specific requirements.

LV-GMH (Granular Material Handling)

A modern control solution for systems without Bulk weighers. These can include simple receiving and storage facilities to seed cleaning and loadout systems. Developed in house to provide the user with a fully automated facility. Features include:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Full Reporting Package
  • Discrete and/or Digital Hazard Monitoring Integration
  • Truck Scale Integration
  • Loadout Scale Integration
  • Rail Car RFID Reader Systems c/w Railcar Inventory Software
  • Accounting System Interface
  • Man-less Receiving and Loadout Truck Kiosk Systems

LV-Haz (Hazard Monitoring System)

The LV-Haz module provides real-time temperature and RPM monitoring to detect irregular equipment operation before it becomes hazardous. Protecting equipment and personnel. Features include:

  • Monitor up to 512 individual sensors per controller.
  • Configurable warning and alarm set points.
  • Built in test mode for start-up and maintenance.
  • Easy user interface for real time sensor data and reports.


Automating weighing systems open a range of possibilities from inventory tracking to automated accounting. Features include:

  • Generate scale tickets for all weighed operations.
  • Automatically update inventory amounts and export weight to accounting systems.
  • Create summarized reports and view historical tickets.

Additional Options

  • Ship Loader and Unloader Interface
  • Automated Bin Sweep Control
  • Stationary or Handheld Railcar RFID Readers
  • Accounting System Interface
  • Preventative maintenance Module
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